Top 50 websites in the world – August 24, 2009 – wordle

So, here we are again, a couple months later, with no major differences in the top 50.  All of the players in the top 10 are still in the top 10.  Youtube and Facebook switched places. No big deal.

But here are a few things of note:  if you needed evidence that social networking sites have trumped adult sites a key web activity, here you go.   If you wanted evidence of Google’s global domination, here it is, 9 core sites in the top 50.  Twitter was the biggest loser and not in a good way, dipping down 13 places – from 14 to 27.  Bing – Microsoft’s *decision engine* dropped 10 places; from 21 to 31.

So, what didn’t I show in the wordle:.
  • For all you Steve Jobs fans – Apple was 59.
  • CNN versus the New York Times – 55 versus 115.  ESPN at 88.
  • Reuters – 278, and the Huffington Post at 280.    What does that say about how we like our news? This begs for a post on nichepapers…ahhh to have the time.
  • And another media property I think we should all click on to move it up – National Geographic just squeaked into the top 1000 at position 999.
  • Digg at 116, and Stumbleupon at 298.
  • Bank of America was 239, while Pay Pal was 256. Go Paypal go.
  • Best Buy at 305, and Target at 303 – but both below at 291…
  • And business eked out over personal – but just barely. was 63, and was 77…
I could do this all day, but actually I would prefer you tell me what face-off matches you’d like to see, or what categories you’d like analyzed.
Top 50 websites in the world - drawn from Alexa
Top 50 websites in the world - drawn from Alexa – graphic is yours to have  if you need it! -c-

Cristene Gonzalez-Wertz