The magical and emotional power of pattern recognition

Yesterday I spoke with a group of clients and I did something a little different – something I had wanted to do for a long time.  I cued parts of my presentation to songs.  It was a silly little thing, but as a person who loves music, I have wanted to orchestrate full playlists to presentations (hey, when you work with PowerPoint day in day out, you have to find little entertainments).  However, today I came across a second reminder of the power of pattern recognition and the tremendous power it has to connect people.  This is my second in just a few weeks. I’ll post the links below.

Net net, there is tremendous power to connect with people in the constructs of music.  Pattern, Rhyme, Cadence, Fugue.  As marketers, these are tools we overlook sometimes.  This is not meant to be an Imperative! (as in Use Music to connect!) but a consideration in how we design our communications with customers.

We have plenty of science infused into marketing these days – let us not forget there can be art and emotion as well. (this one is pretty intense, but beautiful and well worth the 5 minutes)

We have the power to create magical and musical customer experiences – ones that really reach and in fact resonate and awaken potential.  This should be our goal. -c-

(also – just came across this from the NYT on October 12 – more on why music makes us better)

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